Powerful Presentations

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Francis Dalton



Improve your presentation skills and tailor your message to any audience

The development of successful presentation skills remains a necessity for many. This communication skills course teaches proven tactics that will enable you to make an impact on any audience. Additionally, you will also learn which presentation pitfalls to avoid. Improper presentation skills may alienate your current clients and scare away potential clients, severely damaging your profits. After taking this course, you will feel confident speaking in front of audiences while also captivating them and achieving your intended results.

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Powerful Presentations




Preparation: Audience First


Structure of the Presentation


Organization, Introductions, and Attention Getters


Body of Presentation




Complexity and Clarity


Why Stories are Important


Structure Story for Maximum Impact


Delivery: Nonverbal


Delivery: Vocal


Using Visual Aids


Questions and Answers


Dealing with Nervousness


Final Tips





Powerful Presentations
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