Microsoft Outlook 2010 Advanced

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Francis Dalton



Delve Further into Your Email Capabilities with Outlook's Advanced Features

Discover the advanced features of Outlook 2010. Experience a more sophisticated approach to utilising Outlook than just emailing. Learn the features to become more organised while handling your everyday work flow, dealing with email, tracking information, arranging meetings, and structuring your work environment.

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Basic Emailing





HTML Stationary



Emailing a File



Opening an Attachment



Save an Attachment



Saving Email Messages


Managing Email





Setting Email Options



Create Personal Signature



Create Business Signature



Delete Previously Created Signature



Business Cards & V Cards



Journal Entries



Automatic Reply



Configuring Sensitivity for an Email Message



Receiving a Message Where the Sensitivity Has Been Changed



Digital Signature



Restricting Permissions



Message Encryption


Managing Email





Delivery Options



Voting Buttons



Deleting Items



How to Set up Junk Mail


Use of Folders





Create a Folder



Move Items Into a Folder



Create a Rule Into a Designated Folder


Managing Items, Folders & Files








Search Folders



Managing Folders



Quick Steps



Backup & Restore






Viewing Conversations



Using Notes



Follow-up Tag



Share a Calendar



Opening a Shared Calendar



Email a Calendar



Calendar Groups



Delete a Calendar Group


Customize Outlook





Combine Multiple Email Accounts



Additional Features in the Mail Options



Calendar Options



Add Shortcuts & Customize Navigational Pane



Customize the Ribbon



Customize Quick Access Toolbar


Alerts & Mobile Features





Alerts & Mobiles Feature



Outlook 2010 Advanced
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